Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Not quite back at it!

'Jammed' onto this Rosy Stag!! (Photo:J.Rowe)
Well, best laid plans and all that..................My intention to get back into regular birding fell at the first fence and I haven't been out quite as much as I would like! However, I have 'jammed' onto a few decent birds. A quick look (it turned into an hour!) at Ryan's Field on the 7th October (I didn't even have my bins!) allowed quick view of the Lesser Yellowlegs just before it was flushed onto the estuary! There was also a couple of Little Stints, Ruff, BT Godwit and a Kingfisher, which was nice.
Oh and cracking views of the Osprey from the Old Quay House Car park (excellent pub and new birder friendly hosts!!)

Gwithian was the next 'family' trip out on the 11th October but not a bird in sight there apart from a few showy wheatears and a couple of late Sandwich Terns in the bay. Oh and a Swallow. No sign of the BW Stilt on the estuary the same day but a couple of Brent Geese were nice amongst the growing Wigeon flock.

Finally for now, I had to make enquiries for a job at work which meant me driving west along the A30 yesterday. As I approached the new Sainsbury's supermarket at Penzance I looked up at the four Starlings sat on the street light. Second one in from the right was the juvenile Rose-coloured Starling that had been in the area for a while. Nice one!! Photo above is by John Rowe :-)


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